Directive 4911

Each facility is different. For specific information, contact the facility where you are sending the package. Generally speaking, incarcerated individuals may receive packages through the mail or at visits by anyone not on a negative correspondence or negative vendor list.

A package without a return address will not be delivered to the offender. For a complete understanding of packages, refer to Directive #4911, Packages & Articles Sent or brought to facilities.

At most correctional facilities, individuals are allowed three food packages per month,and the combined weight cannot exceed 40 pounds.

Additional packages containing non-food items, such as clothing and tobacco, may be received and will not be counted against the food package limit. Be advised that there are limits to the amount of personal property offenders may accumulate based on physical and/or programmatic considerations. There are also restrictions on color of clothing.

Exceptions to the above package rules exist for those in Special Housing Units (SHU), or on “loss of package” sanctions, “reception”, or in “in-transit” status, Shock, drug treatment centers, CASAT, and work release centers. For example, no packages may be received at any time by anyone in SHU except books, periodicals, and legal materials. For information about these special populations, please contact that specific facility.

Additionally, individuals located at “TV Facilities” may receive from family, friends or other personal sources only two food packages, including items ordered directly from approved vendors, per calendar year. These packages may contain only food items and may not exceed 20 pounds.

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