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Sherrie Betty’s is your dedicated source for top-notch care packages. Our focus is solely on providing carefully crafted care packages that cater to the unique needs of those in correctional facilities. With Sherrie Betty’s, you can trust that your loved ones will receive thoughtfully packaged items to make their days a little brighter. Experience our commitment to delivering support through our specialized care packages.

Our Mission

Sherrie Betty’s vendor care package program distinguished ourselves from other vendors by being the best at what we do and by consistently going the extra mile to serve our clients in their time of need. Along with achieving 100% customer satisfaction

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How Does It Work ?

Let's keep it crystal clear! Here's the lowdown on our Sherrie Betty Buck$:

How Do Sherrie Betty Buck$ work?

Score 1 Sherrie Betty Buck$ for every dollar you spend. You may spend a maximum of $30 Sherrie Betty Buck$ per month. Once you earn 100 Sherrie Betty Buck$, you receive $10 Sherrie Betty Buck$ that can be used beginning on your very next purchase.

How Many Sherrie Betty Buck$ Do I Need To Get Free Stuff?

Once you earn 100 Sherrie Betty Buck$, they turn into $10 Sherrie Betty Buck$.

How Do I Use Sherrie Betty Buck$?

On each packing slip you receive the balance of your Sherrie Betty Buck$ will be listed. Once you believe you have accumulated 100 or more Sherrie Betty Buck$, and you are ready to spend them, simply place the note USE MY Sherrie Betty Buck$ in the notes when placing your order. We will use the maximum (15 Sherrie Betty Buck$ per order/ 30 Sherrie Betty Buck$ per month) amount of Sherrie Betty Buck$ you have available. A new balance will be provided on your packing slip.

How Do Sherrie Betty Birthday Buck$ Work?

We use the birthday attached to the DIN# and automatically add 5 Sherrie Betty Buck$ on your birthday.

Please note Sherrie Betty Buck$ may not be applied to shipping or insulation charges. Policy is subject to change or end at any time.

Now you’re set to enjoy Sherrie Betty Buck$ —where loyalty comes with extra perks, no cash value attached!

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